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BAFA @ CSM {2013 - 2016} 
gdlp's best friend {2014 - present}

writing  @ THE WHITE PUBE {2015 - present} 
ZARINA MUHAMMAD (b.1994, london) is a writer, art critic, and artist (sometimes). she is a co-founder of the white pube, an online art criticism platform that publishes reviews, essays and other little bits in between. 
cancer sun/aries moon/sagittarius ascendant
hobbies: skincare, making chutney & growing things that she can eventually eat at some point.
'hysterical schoolgirl', 'intellectual charlatan', 'alt-right jihadi meme-lord', 'sociopathic pseudo-critic', leading proponent of 'The Philosophy of the Warm Tummy' & cowboy in the art world 🤠
this is a list of the stuff i've done as an artist (as of 2018 I am aiming to only make 1 work a year, bc it's a pace that agrees better with me and my working patterns)