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critic in residence 
(london, ica)
Recipes for Resistance (ed. Raju Rage)
Vanishing Points (ed. Salome Wagaine)
The Range (curated by Rehana Zaman)
(birmingham, eastside projects)
This image is no longer available (curated by Sunil Shah)
(oxford, modern art oxford)
Pear Forum (ongoing)
GRWM: i wish i was a ghost! a narrator! a disembodied voice! (with Akash Chohan)
(london, somerset house studios)
Multiplay (curated by Prashast Thapan & Somnath Bhatt)
(new york, babycastles)
Wild Pop: a symposium 
(newcastle, university of newcastle, culture lab) 
Dear Friends, (un-publish 2.08)
(london, banner repeater)
artists’ film club: zayn malik zindabad
(london, ICA) 

(london, LUX moving image) 

Dear Friends,
(london, banner repeater, working towards a publication for un - publish)

seen by everyone
(liverpool, the royal standard)
(taipei, osmosis audiovisual media festival)
serpentine marathon live blog
glitch shorts
(london, ICA)

this is it, isn’t it?
(newcastle, workplace)

fresh ’n’ frozen
(london, 12ø for artlicks weekend)

(🌱) of pablo
(nottingham, hutt)

(liverpool, a small view)

bloomberg new contemporaries

(liverpool, the bluecoat; london, ica)

live, laugh, love (the white pube)
(liverpool, muesli @ the royal standard)

ambition & identity
(manchester, hOME, granada foundtion)

DIGITAL CUTS IN HYPER REALITY (retrospective screening & artist talk)
(london, CERA performance project space)
life babies
(london, the white pube & 12ø collective)

ZAYN MALIK ZINDABAD (south asian moving image night)
(london, lewisham arthouse)

tzuzjj, crit-a-oke (the white pube)
(liverpool, the bluecoat)

space Invaders
(london, art lacuna)

OOMK zine issue 4: internet
Diaspora Drama: issue 2  (ed. Isaac Kariuki)

alchemy festival
(london, southbank centre)

baldwin’s n***** reloaded (sorryyoufeeluncomfortable)
(london, iniva; london, house of st barnabus)

i’m feeling 22
(abu dhabi, the space)
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