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Dear Friends,

Zarina Muhammad

"30th Sept - 5th October

Live Broadcast Chat Show with Zarina Muhammad 

During the residency, Zarina will be hosting a live chat show, broadcasting live from Banner Repeater.


i don’t keep a sketchbook, i don’t have a studio, i just tweet about my thoughts and my art and it is often the start and the end of my works.


For 6 days i will be hosting 6 guests and discussing the potential Twitter has to be a discursive space, to play host to a new and more unstable form of writing // speech. The uncomfortability it can have, the awkwardness of speaking publicly n that specific way, but also the way it provides a softer landing for some sometimes. How do u feel about it all? my 6 guests are all writers, artists or twitter dons, these are all people i see on my newsfeed, in my ‘here’s what u missed’ section and this is painfully subjective.


For ArtLicks weekend I will be speaking to Ami Clarke about the project itself and rethinking and analysing our conversation around what we’re trying to do by doing this; and Gabrielle de la Puente co-collaborator as the White Pube, about the way we share a twitter account, and use twitter (and instagram) as a space to talk critically about art in a looser, less formal, but still as critical, a way.


For the ongoing broadcasts over the following week i’ll be speaking to Aaqib Hussain about anon twitter accounts, twitter as therapy and admittance; London based artist Christopher Kirubi about their practice and the way they write through twitter; and Akash Chohan & Haseeb Qureshi about their use of twitter as an unstable platform, a garbled form of speech, thinking aloud and broadcasting with twitter as space and pressure~~~ This is less about having a legible conversation about using the platform and more about mapping the way I (as an artist, writer, and wannabe twitter don) and friends, as users, navigate this space and pick at behaviours we’ve normalised, like a scab."

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