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food column:


be like teflon [link]


institutional writing:


the problem with diaspora art - 


the problem with representation [link]

What I’ve learnt from being a brown critic on the Internet [link]

authenticity & resources: mango&lime on the top deck of the bus [link]

ideas for a new art world [link]

ica daily [link]

twp's advice column for dazed [link]

EAT THE RICH - republished in recipes for resistance, ed. raju rage [link]

Thank you, next - close, letter #8 


the five best and worst things at frieze 2018 according to the white pube - frieze 2018 coverage for the guardian l m a oooo


exhibition handout for Rafal Zajko's 'jaka praca dzis – takie nasze jutro' @ castor, london


critical response - LIMA Presents. Non-Linear: Drastically Advanced Regression, film screening curated by shama khanna


@ serpentine marathon 2017: texts written as TWP 👇🏾

guest, ghost, host: machine, baby, teardrop


i wish i was a ghost! a narrator! a disembodied voice! 


(this text later went on to become GRWM: i wish i was a ghost! a narrator! a disembodied voice! (w akash chohan) @ somerset house studios



short story/fiction


poem to the kardashians - @ lux's REGROUPING [link]

epilogue part 1, network fatigue fatigue & part 2, network fatigue fatigue fatigue - @ hutt, Nottingham (closing event for '🌱of pablo') 


untitled text - 💧🌚👼🏾 @ a small view, Liverpool
(pictured: Gabrielle de la Puente reading the text)


untitled text - @ life babies @ 12ø, london


(reading group of John Berger's a 7th man @ Stratford Library with AIR)